“Life in a Day” event


Saturday, July 24, will be historic with the “Life in a Day” event. This event is a global challenge to record a day in your life, an event sponsored by big industry names reaching out to anyone with a video camera, worldwide. It will become the first user-generated feature film of its kind. http://www.youtube.com/lifeinaday

As part of a company specialized in HD video communication, we have the means to “document a single day on earth”. To support that event, I’d like to help in providing a HD Flip video-camera to anyone who will ask for one.

This offer is obviously of a marketing nature that starts with the “Life in a Day” event. It will continue throughout the entire year… meaning that you will be keeping your HD Flip video-camera throughout the year! For free.

Or almost free. What do I ask in exchange? Of course have fun with uploading your “life in a day” video between July 24 and July 31 on the event’s site. Then recording a 2 minutes video shot, every month on a technical topic of your choice.

Think about it… you will be participating in an historic cinematic experiment, you will have your personal Flip, and you will help us with one video shoot a month.

All you need to do at this point is to reply today!


Life in a day… and beyond!
One year of video with a HD Flip camcorder.

Conditions to participate

  • Respond as early as possible today or early this coming week.
  • Limited to 10 HD Flip camcorders in total
  • Friends and family can apply
  • You agree to submit to CoroWare one video shoot per month on a topic of your choice
  • You can opt-out at any time by just returning the camera
  • At the end of the year, in July 2011, you keep the camera
  • … and you will be part of historic event in any case with the “Life in a Day” event!

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