Stream processing in the Linux Journal!

Stream processing… Some people may see it as an arcane topic. To me, it’s the most exciting time in Com Sci for the past 10 years! The entire IT industry is about to shift from monolitic applications to massively parallel applications. We will kiss bye bye to many of our transactional applications. At long last we will bridge the gap between datacenter stream processing and embedded systems optimization!

November update: the article is published! 

The Linux Journal introduces the article in their latest issue:

” If all that seems a bit too fluffy for your technology taste, you might just love Alejandro Segovia’s in-depth piece on parallel computing with NVIDIA’s CUDA technology. Video cards are great for gaming, but it’s amazing how powerful they can be when you use them for straight up mathematical processing. Alejandro shows how to take advantage of the little powerhouse sitting inside your computer case. “

CoroWare, a founding member of RealityFrontier, sponsored the article in May 2010. Since then, the technology evolved. You will find an update and a behind the scene story on the CoroWare web site. A big thank you to CoroWare for the opportunity to write the article and to the Linux Journal for publishing it! 

In addition to the Linux Journal’s article, Alejandro Segovia also co-authored an IEEE article on CUDA. More specifically he presented iterative optimization techniques for algorithms that are recursive in nature. Since Alejandro’s IEEE article, version 3.2 of the CUDA toolkit got released and  accepts recursive constructs, making it easier to port C/C++ algorithms to CUDA.
Alejandro is leading the Acceleration program at RealityFrontier. Feel free to contact him if you would like to discuss the use of CUDA.

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